Offfshore Development Model
We plan to provide services via our offshore development facility at Hyderabad by significantly reducing the development costs. Our senior resources will be traveling to the client location on a need basis to provide added benefit to our clients that the project is being executed by a known source that has proven skills in the areas required to move development forward.

On-site Service Model
We can set-up an entire team of technical professionals at the client location depending on the client requirements. By providing onsite service, our clients benefit from an ongoing production environment and the ability to oversee day-to-day development and progress of the project at hand. By gaining a full understanding of our client’s needs, RaviES utilizes its project management skills and expertise to take full responsibility for an entire project from start to finish.

Time and Material Development Model
Services can be offered on a time and material basis if the requirements and scope of work are not well defined. In this model clients can hire our consultants and make the best use of our expertise. This business model is highly efficient in case the project is hard to predict in terms of time and creative effort and in case the development process needs control and improvement upon each iteration. In this model clients pay us in parts as per the schedule defined in the contract. After the contract is signed stipulating the roles and rates, we bill the clients on monthly or bi-monthly basis.

Fixed Price Development Model
If you have well-defined requirements, we can offer you a fixed cost solution. This eliminates the uncertainties of development cost and helps in planning your project budget in advance. This is best suited for clients with complete project specifications in place. If you do not already have well defined requirements, we can first develop your requirements on a Time and Material basis and then, provide you with a Fixed Cost solution.

Consulting Services Model
We can draw upon and utilize the support of our resources in India and U.S, in order to offer consulting services that may suit our clients’ needs. This consultation service model helps to address short term and extremely specialized expectations.
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