Business Plan
Executive Summary

RaviES is committed to maintaining high quality standards - of people, of processes, of infrastructure. It is our constant endeavor to ensure the highest quality in every aspect of IT that we straddle.

Our Functional and Technical resources are one of the most dedicated, subject matter experts in ERP domain who are committed to provide cost effective solutions to clients. The benefits of offshore development in India are numerous; be it offloading application maintenance, product development, help desk operations or numerous other projects, clients are assured of the best among Indian software developers, forming vital partnerships and mission-critical Extended Development Centers, at phenomenally lower costs. Our talent pool derives its cost structure based on Indian market wage rates and infrastructure costs. English proficiency is one of the key elements of our value proposition. We have skill matrices, which list out the criteria at basic, advanced & expert levels for reading, speaking, writing and cultural sensitivity skills. The Indian education system places strong emphasis on mathematics and science, resulting in a large number of science and engineering graduates.

Our processes will be documented, institutionalized and evaluated, to help us become more effective and efficient with every project we work on. We apply Quality Control and Management principles to all aspects of the Project Execution, Delivery and Management cycle. Rigorous Quality Control and Management procedures minimize the number of defects. During each step of the Quality Assurance cycle, metrics data are collected and cross-referenced against our internal database. The collected metrics and data are finally incorporated into the Quality Management Database for internal audit and review at a later stage. We do not compromise on quality even if we have to meet the toughest of deadlines.

RaviES exclusively uses rigorous security measures throughout its operations – Resources, Processes and Infrastructure. The security measures put in place helps us in providing confidence to clients in our services. The security measures adopted to protect client data and preserve our knowledge libraries are listed as Physical Security, Cellular structure, Anti-virus and firewall security, Private network isolation, Off-site data backup, Data Disposition, System Security Administrator, Termination of computer access, Safeguarding Accounts and Passwords, User-Identification and Password Standards.

The typical Offshore Development engagement in India, will last for a number of years, and be governed by a contract setting the terms and conditions between the client and Indian software developers for the duration of their relationship. To measure whether that relationship is working and how well, Service Level Agreements are established, which define the boundaries of all offshore projects or offsite projects in terms of functions and services that the service provider will provide its client, the volume of work that will be accepted and delivered, and acceptance criteria for responsiveness and the quality of deliverables.

What makes RaviES distinctive besides the India Advantage is our prior experience in working with our clients directly. Our promoter has more than a decade experience in working with US organizations and has architected some of the successful accounting products.

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